[CASE STUDY] Innovating the field: PocketCoach redefines football coaching in Norway

Did you know? Compared to other European nations, Norway has higher rates of organized grassroots football involvement, with 44% of all youngsters enrolled in the Norwegian Football Federation (NFF).

Grassroots coaches, who are unpaid volunteers, are essential in providing kids with opportunities in sports. However, they often need support in developing each player’s skills, adapting training to age-appropriate levels, and responding to individual needs. 

Enter the PocketCoach App, a tech-based solution from the sports tech company PocketCoach. This AI-powered app assists coaches and players in football. It creates personalized training plans based on age, gender, and skill level. These plans incorporate exercises designed and approved by UEFA Pro-licensed experts. The app also enables interactive feedback, allowing coaches and players to modify training to suit their specific requirements. This fosters a more tailored and effective training experience.

The Challenge

The main goal was to develop a user-friendly digital platform. The platform should be easy to use and enable users to access resources effortlessly. The client requested an intuitive interface, content that was thorough yet clear, and interactive elements that actively engaged users. The client incorporated game design elements to enhance engagement so users could level up, compete, and monitor their progress.

The Solutions Devsquad Offered

  1. Content Management System Integration

– Selected and customized a CMS that best fit the client’s requirements, enabling easy content updates, blog post publications, and management of interactive tools.

  1. Interactive Tools and Features

– Integrated interactive elements such as a booking system for coaching sessions, making the platform more engaging and useful for users.

– Developed custom tools tailored to the player’s exercises and team management strategies, accessible through the user dashboard.

– Players can rack up points, earn badges, and compete on a leaderboard, inspiring friendly rivalry and motivation.

– Players can engage in direct communication with their trainers through a chat feature within the app. 

  1. Personalized Exercises & Training 

-The app can provide personalized exercise routines tailored to each player’s position, skill level, and physical condition. 

-This could include specific drills, workouts, and skill-building activities designed to enhance the player’s strengths and address their weaknesses.

– Coaches and trainers can use a dedicated platform within the app to upload educational content such as videos, articles, and tutorials. 

  1. Scalable Architecture

– Built the website on a scalable infrastructure, allowing for easy expansion as the platform grows in users and content.

– Utilized cloud services to ensure flexible resource management and high availability.

The impact it created

PocketCoach.no launched seamlessly, fulfilling the client’s needs and garnering favorable user reviews. The platform boasts growing user engagement and is praised for its user-friendly design, top-notch football coaching materials, and engaging interactive features. The client values the user-adaptable CMS, enabling efficient content and resource updates without dependency on technical assistance.

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